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Technology Development

AAAC Project Management Professionals

With two decades of experience developing technology from scratch, AAAC is capable of stepping into any project with ease and expertise, from the initial design concept, to the real time application of the technology, to any other point in the technology process. AAAC provides reliable engineering and design assistance to completely harmonize all the technologies your project requires.

AAAC Project Management Professionals

Design and Manufacturing Services

Given our understanding of product development and manufacturing methodology, AAAC is well suited for supporting your product production via our manufacturing services. With product life-cycles becoming shorter and shorter, your product needs to ready as soon as possible and not backlogged due to any manufacturing process development issues. By partnering with AAAC from the start, your product will have the proper documentation, testing, and verification benchmarks in place so that it will spend as little time as needed during manufacturing development. This will not only get your product "on the shelf" sooner, it will free your team up to begin work on your next great product.

AAAC Project Management Professionals

Some of the manufacturing services we offer are:

Procurement and Sourcing

We can source and purchase components and parts for your assemblies and products.

AAAC Project Management Professionals

Board Design and Manufacture

Through-Hole, SMT and Mixed Technology

We offer turnkey board assembly, testing and integration, fully compliant with the IPC-A-610D specifications.

AAAC Project Management Professionals

Conformal Coating

We can apply acrylic, polyurethane, and silicon coatings on-site to completed assemblies.

AAAC Project Management Professionals

System Assemblies, Box Builds and Cable Harnesses

We have in-depth tooling and skill with all types of cables and harnesses, individual cables, "off-the-shelf" harnesses, and final assembly. Hole punching and fabrication of mounting plates can be done in house for your projects. Cable harnesses can also be developed and assembled.

AAAC Project Management Professionals

Firmware and Software Programming

Most modern designs require some type of programmed device of cpu.  At AAAC we have the capability to do high level PC / Windows programming, embedded firmware development and PLC programming.

AAAC Project Management Professionals

Testing and Analysis

AAAC offers a wide range of standard in-house testing and design validation procedures such as:

  • H.A.S.S. and  H.A.L.T. testing
  • Function testing
  • Software testing
  • Thermal testing
  • Root Cause Analysis (Field Failure)

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