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Sarmad Adnan, PhD, Founder, Applied Automation and Controls, Inc.Sarmad Adnan, PhD, PE
Prinicpal Engineer

Sarmad Adnan is the Principal engineer at Applied Automation and Controls Inc.  Sarmad received his Mechanical Engineering PhD from Rice University focusing on Design of Robotic and Mechatronic Systems. He has been working in the Oilfield in various design and development capacities.  His experience includes design of surface and downhole electronics, mechatronic and mechanical tools, data acquisition and control systems.

Licensed Control and Automation Engineering Firm

Sarmad Adnan, PhD, Founder, Applied Automation and Controls, Inc.Jack Chen
Prinicpal Engineer, PhD, PE

Jack Chen is currently a principal engineer in Applied Automation and Control Inc. Jack received a master degree focusing in helical buckling of drillstrings and coil tubings, and a PH.D. degree conducting research in robotics and automation areas, also from Rice University. After graduation, Jack joined University of Tulsa as a professor teaching and researching robotics, control systems, and instrumentation. Since then Jack has worked at Stress Engineering Services, specializing in global riser analysis. He then went on to work at Cameron Inc as an analyst focusing on riser sizing, global riser analysis for top tensioned drilling and production risers, and vortex induced vibration (VIV) for subsea jumpers and pipelines. In 2008, Jack moved to GE oil and gas and specialized in finite element analysis. Here he designed a wide range of subsea/surface wellhead and offshore platform equipment. Conducting fatigue analysis and thermal analysis for riser flanges, riser tensioners, wellhead connectors, wellhead seal system, casing hangers, pipe threaded connector and tendon connectors.

Licensed Control and Automation Engineering Firm


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